Home and School

Home and School Association (HSA)


Who We Are

Our children’s success depends upon a strong partnership among school administration, faculty and the parents.

That’s why the mission of the St. Columba Home and School Association (HSA) is to facilitate ways for parents to partner with the administration and faculty to support the academic success and spiritual development of the students of St. Columba School.

The HSA is led by six elected Executive Board members, appointed committee chairpersons and school representatives that meets monthly to determine and promote activities throughout the year to strengthen our community.

To contact the HSA Board, please send an e-mail to stcolumbahands@gmail.com or contact the school office.


Our Events

The HSA hosts specific events, large and small, throughout the school year. Each event has a specific purpose, be it fellowship, fundraising or social, and is led by parent volunteers. Events provide an opportunity for all of us to connect with fellow parents and STC faculty. Join us!


HSA Board Members for the 2016-2017 School Year

President: Lynn Rathbun
Vice President: Joyce de La Pena      writejoyce@gmail.com
Treasurer: DuEwa Kamara                  yealie@gmail.com
Secretary: Dana Lovelace                   dana_haynes72@yahoo.com
At Large: Lianne Espinoza
At Large: Chavonne Thomas               chavonnethomas@gmail.com

Standing Committees & Chairs :

Shutterfly/Communications Committee :   Joyce de La Pena     writejoyce@gmail.com
Fundraising Committee :   Dana Lovelace             dana_haynes72@yahoo.com
                                           Lianne Gonzales          lianne0213@gmail.com
                                           Mrs. Lera Rickling        ricklingl@stccatholic.org
                                           Kimberly Mott               kmott20@yahoo.com
Volunteer Committee :        Lilibeth Soriano            lilibeth.v.soriano@gmail.com
                                            Lynn Rathbun              lynnipooh4u@yahoo.com
Alumni Committee :            DuEwa Kamara            yealie@gmail.com
Facilities & Grounds Committee :  Mike Gentile       gentilemichael@yahoo.com
                                                      Chavonne Thomas               chavonnethomas@gmail.com
Spiritual and Social Outreach Commitee :  Wendy Tolentino      soywendy09@yahoo.com
                                                                     Dulce Palor             fernandez_dulce@ymail.com