Advisory Board


The Advisory Board represents a network of individuals that provide immeasurable hours of service providing experience and expertise in a variety of ways to the school and community and working together in a cohesive, encouraging, and creative manner to promote and strengthen the St. Columba community.


The concept of the St. Columba School Advisory Board is “based on the belief in the importance and power of shared leadership.”  The board function provides us an opportunity to come together as a community to offer advice, insight, and support to the pastor and principal regarding school policies in accordance with the mission of the school and the policies of the Archdiocese of Washington.


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Advisory Board 2016-2017


Executive Committee

Aurora Carmichael, Chair

Vacant, Vice-Chair

Vacant, Secretary



Mary Brennan

Nicole Commissiong

Francisca Chukwura

Punitha Kelly

Abe Lobo

Vivian Luke Vanzego

Dulce Palor (Home and School Representative)

Aris Pangilinan

Christine Patton

Shanna Price Wright

Benny Ramos

Lera Rickling

Hillard Wheeler

Sharon Williams


Pastor (ex officio)

Rev. Fr. Gary Villanueva


Principal (ex officio)

Katrina Fernandez