Special Programs

Special Programs


St. Columba School focuses not only on basic skills and academic growth; our curriculum is designed to develop the full potential of our students.  This is where our special programs are essential.


Physical Education


The Physical Education curriculum provides a program for the development of fine and gross motor skills that are integrated across the curriculum.  The program teaches health, fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork, as well as the importance of cardiovascular health and the benefits of a lifetime of physical activity.  Activities include tennis, softball, hockey, basketball, soccer, football, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training.  Good sportsmanship and teamwork are reinforced each year with annual 7th and 8th grade football and volleyball tournaments.


New health books have been added and incorporated with weekly instruction for grades 6 – 8.




Spanish instruction is provided for all grade levels.  The instruction is based on the “Viv el Espanol” Spanish language development program that follows the Natural Approach and total Physical Response instructional methods.  The Indiana academic standards in foreign language, Level I and Level II are being applied.  The program is designed for elementary school.  The teacher applies different content-based instructional strategies such as cooperative learning, audio-lingual, and translation grammar methods.  Latin dance is introduced in all grade levels.  Grade 8 participates in a “Fiesta Day” complete with food, dance, and music. Various resources and materials also enhance the Spanish instruction.


Library/Media Center


Grades K – 8 visits the library once a week on fixed schedules for 40 minutes.  Borrowing and browsing can be done during library time, before and after school, and during lunch time.  The collection is automated to facilitate browsing and curriculum support.  Library skills are incorporated into class visits.  Literature is explored as it relates to the curriculum and to various seasonal evens.  Automation of the library is complete.




The curriculum teaches the use of various software and applies those skills to classroom based curriculum projects.  The computer lab contains 19 stations to accommodate instruction of one half of a class at a time.  Emphasis is on basic computer and keyboard/mouse control to basic web exploration, journal writing, and typing skills to introduction to Power Point, mastery of MS Word, Excel, web evaluation, and research skills, and added on-line academic resources.  The computers in the lab and in the classrooms are completely updated every 3 years.


Learning media services and technology function are important tools to enhance classroom instruction and other school activities as grade level appropriate.  We-organized information resources reinforce knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned on other program areas and broaden minds by providing opportunities to conduct research and interact with information.


At the present time, there is a renewed emphasis to communicate with each teacher regarding how to more effectively integrate technology into the curriculum.  Specific plans are in the formulation stage.  The goal is to guide classroom teachers to embrace the opportunities that technology can offer to enhance what they teach.  We also realize that this effort must be cross-curricular.  What is taught in the classroom meets the technology standards as well as the standards in other disciplines.



Arts and Music


Both disciplines are integrated across the curriculum.  Music is taught once a week for grades K – 4 by a music teacher. Grades 5 – 8 are encouraged to join our school choir and band.  Art is incorporated in the classroom curriculum at the direction of the teacher for grades K – 4.  Art is taught a separate subject for grades 5 – 8 at the direction of the art teacher.  Various media and techniques are explored.


Field Trips/Extra Curricular Activities/In-House Programs/In-School   Productions


Each grade level has 2 scheduled field trips that are designed to enrich the program of study and be life learning experiences. It also provides educational and cultural experiences outside the school.


Students may also participate in various extracurricular activities as part of our learning enhancement.  We have the band, Yearbook, Black Eyed Susan club, Talent Show, Basketball, Soccer, Safety Patrol, Student Council, Taekwondo, and the Honor and Principal’s List.  We also bring several in-house programs and performances.  They are interactive of classroom activities and curriculum as well as essential current issues and trends.


We also proudly do our own local productions too.  Our Spring and Fall Band and Choir Concert, K – 4 Christmas Program and our Annual Dinner Theatre and K – 7 Talent Show.


We at St. Columba strive to guide all students to their fullest potential and to promote an atmosphere that encourages each child to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.