ADW Curriculum Standards

ADW Curriculum Standards

The Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools has a long standing history of commitment to academic excellence.


In 2004, ADW/CSO organized a curriculum team of CSO members and principals who reviewed various State Standards.  The team selected the Indiana Academic Standards as the framework for the Archdiocese’s Standards.  The Indiana Standards were nationally recognized for their design, rigor, and usability and research has shown them to be highly effective Academic Standards of quality.

These Standards became the foundation of the Archdiocese’s Academic Standards.


In 2005, ADW elementary schools were fully introduced to these new Archdiocesan Academic Standards through a multi-phased process that allowed for a gradual three year transition to full implementation.  The Archdiocese’s Academic Standards will be the Standards guiding our teachers as they plan their instructions (Academic Standards to Ensure Outcomes by Kelly Branaman Associate Superintendent for Schools/ADW/CSO).


To review the Academic Standards in the Archdiocese of Washington, please go to: academic-standards